What We Do

Our Test System

We put the industry’s most cutting-edge technology, as well as a wealth of experience crafting our
original mechanisms, into all of our PCB test systems, including the signature TY – VISION and TY –
CHECKER series. We are not simply chasing the latest specs; we have developed our systems with
this question in mind: "What kind of system would be easy to use?". In addition to our basic product
lineup, we offer a customized system according to our customers’ needs.

Our Support

Whether you are a first-time user or upgrading your old setup, the decision to install a new tester is
never simple. You must be worried about whether it really solve your problem, whether it live up to
your expectations. We want to help ease these concerns and facilitate a worry-free instalation.

In the case of AVI, we will take the actual product samples you need tested, and test them to your
desired specifications before installation. Demonstration is also available. Of course our support does
not stop once you are up and running. Consult us any time when changing test specifications or test-
ing new products.